Real Estate

In recent years, the Real Estate sector in Nuevo León has rapidly grown, with the construction of a large number of residential, commercial, tourist and industrial areas. We offer the following services to give our Clients greater confidence and legal certainty in their real estate operations:

• Analysis, study, preparation and review of sale and lease contracts , and assignment of rights to real estate.
• Counsel for the negotiation, enforcement of operations related to real estate, whether residential, commercial, tourist and industrial.
• Counsel for the constitution and extinction of real estate trusts.
• Counsel for the constitution and control of timeshares.
• Counsel for the constitution of a condominium property regime.
• Regularization of real estate.
• Counsel for the subdivision of real estate.
• Procedures for land use and construction permits.

For real estate leasing operations, we offer a comprehensive Legal Property Guarantee service in order to grant the owners SECURITY AND TRANQUILITY when making a lease, thus reducing possible disputes between LESSOR AND LESSEE.

The Legal Guarantee Service consists of:

  • Preparation of the lease agreement according to the needs of each property.
  • POTENTIAL TENANT INVESTIGATION, reducing the risk of leasing to defaulted tenants
  • Extrajudicial collection
  • Recovery of the Property by judicial launch
  • Judicial collection of income owed
  • Protection against Domain Extinction Law