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Wealth Management

We counsel clients on a range of wealth management concerns, including:

  • Estate planning and asset protection strategies;
  • Tax minimization for both benefactors and beneficiaries;
  • Establishment and management of trusts;
  • Charitable giving options;
  • Retention of control and business continuity for family owned and closely held businesses;
  • Settlement of disputes.

Family Governance

Family governance (in the context of family businesses or generally) can be an effective means of pre-empting or assisting with the resolution of family disputes.

We have worked with a number of families to formulate family charters (essentially, the “club rules” by which the family operates), the primary objective of which is to document the various assumptions, understandings and expectations regarding the family’s wealth, business and succession planning generally and, in particular, how this is going to be managed, shared, applied and preserved for the future.


We have represented, counseled, and litigated for a certain number of international football (soccer) players. 

James  Graham was a long time Chairman of the Mexican Football Law Association, and President of the Mexican Sports Law Academy. He’s the author of El Derecho internacional del Futbol



Art transactions are tricky: paint by, or, attributed to, is not the same, and the difference can be ten of millions of dollar (some famous cases). We check, we investigate and we counsel.

See our sale show case

See our international art restitution show case

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Smart Law

20 years ago, James Graham and Michael Stefan drafted the first E-com bill in Europe. Today, it’s all about to implement the second legal revolution in the Internet: blockchains and the Web 4.0. 3CT provides all its experience to help private and public institutions to adapt their current legal ambient to the new technological reality.

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