After decades of general practice, we do understand companies, we do understand contracts, we do understand business relations, we do understand time is money. Now, as a firm, we focus on what clients ask most: arbitration.

We try to have value added fees that reflect the overall value of our legal services and not the number of hours spent on a case. In this sense, we normally offer a fixed fee based on an international standard, which is the ICC Arbtrator’ fee +3, as the workload of a lawyer is heavier than the one of an arbitrator.

Professor James A. Graham lead all along his career the International Arbitration practice for the different firms he was a member of. With 3CT,  he is again the Head of the Firm’s Arbitration Unit in Mexico and Bolivia, the latter because of the increasingly important demand for international arbitration services in Bolivia, in the Andean Community and in the MERCOSUR.

Over the course of his career, James Graham has acted on many high-stake cases, and presided over arbitral tribunals in complex cases. He advises and represents companies, States and State-owned entities in commercial and investment treaty arbitrations.  His academic work qualifies him as a renowned Thought Leader in Latin America.

A Tenured Professor of Law at the University of Nuevo Leon (UANL), where he was a founding professor of the ADR LLM; holds the Chair of International Arbitration at the Doctorate School; heads the Business Law LLM; and presides the College of International Law. He is an Associated Professor at the University of Monterrey (UDEM) where he holds the International Arbitration and Gas & Oil Arbitration Chair. Apart his teachings, he has written extensively on all aspects of arbitration law, in Spanish, French and in English. As an author of a leading treatise in the field (Lecciones de Arbitraje Internacional), he has proposed various innovative legal theories in the matter.  

Professor Graham was the first foreign lawyer admitted to a Mexican Bar Association in Nuevo Leon and was the first foreign lawyer ever elected as President of a Mexican Bar Association (ANADE-NL). He chaired the Arbitration Committee of the National Corporate Lawyers Association (NL) as well as the Mexican Bar Association (NL) and was the Vice-president of the US-Mexican Bar Associations Dispute Committee. He was the Secretary of the Nuevo Leon Chapter of the Mexican Bar Association, and President of the Bar of Doctors in Law of Nuevo Leon. He is a member, among else, of the ICC, Comite français de l’arbitrage; IBA, ASIL, etc.


Among his arbitration experience, one may quote:

  • Chairman of an arbitral tribunal in a commercial dispute between a Mexican and US company (179 M MXN)
  • Chairman of an arbitral tribunal in a dispute of a financial guarantee between an European and a Latin American company (123 M EUR)
  • Co-arbitrator in a dispute of heavy machinery between an Mexican and Italian company under the CISG (600M MXN)
  • Counsel in a Spanish-Mexican infrastructure project (1250M USD)
  • Co-counsel in a foreign investment arbitration between an European company and an Asian State (237 M USD)
  • Obtention of a favorable 180M MXN plus interests award for an international gaming company
  • Obtention of a favorable 17 M USD award for a Mexican financial company
  • Counsel to an international Fund for the enforcement of  various ICSID awards
  • Obtention of a favorable award in a multinational patent arbitration
  • etc.