As time, discretion and confidentiality are our first aim, we usually try to resolve disputes through mediation and arbitration. James Graham was part of the drafting committee of the first Mediation Law in Nuevo Leon, founder of the Bar of Mediators, and one of the pioneers in arbitration in Mexico. He’s the author of the Ley de Métodos Alternos de Solución de Controversias de Nuevo León ComentadaTratado de arbitraje comercial internacional mexicano, and Lecciones de Arbitraje internacional.

Arbitrator service

Our services as arbitrator are characterized by

1. Confidence & Trust in our availability, as we only accept 2-6 proceedings a year (depending on the nature of the cases) for complying with the very purpose of arbitration: speedness.

You can also have

2. Confidence & Trust that we do resolve disputes and we do not try to make “historical” awards to be published;


3. Confidence & Trust in the quality of the rendered decisions.

Arbitral advocacy services

We only and exclusively defend the interests of our clients without taking into account the “trends” of the moment. If a mediation suits more than an arbitration, so be it a mediation; if a local proceeding does make more sense, we do not intent a BIT arbitration.

We counsel our clients in institutional arbitration (ICC, AAA, LCIA, OMPI, etc.) and in ad hoc proceedings (UNICTRAL, Rules of Paris, etc.).

We also manage foreign investment cases, especially under FTAs and BITs.

Judicial arbitral litigation

We help our clients with the recognition and enforcement of awards in most occidental countries. We litigate annulment actions, parallel litigation (“juge d’appui”), injunctions, provisional measures, among others.

Some of our experiences

  • Chairman of an arbitral tribunal in a commercial dispute between a Mexican and US company (9.7 M USD)
  • Co-counsel in a foreign investment arbitration between an European company and an Asian State (237 M USD)
  • Chairman of an arbitral tribunal in a dispute of a financial guarantee between an European and a Latin American company (123 M EUROS)
  • Co-arbitrator in a dispute of heavy machinery between an Mexican and Italian company under the CISG (30M USD)
  • Obtention of a favorable 79 M USD plus interests award for an international gaming company
  • Obtention of a favorable 17 M USD award for a Mexican financial company
  • Obtention of a favorable award in a multinational patent arbitration
  • etc.

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