3CT only litigates high-stake cases. Some high profile innovative disputes have been accepted on a mere success fee. 3CT as a social responsable firm tries on a regular base legislative breaking cases like the legislative omission of the usury rate, or legal rights for animals, for instance. In regard to Pro Bono, we regularly try Human Rights Cases like the notorious Norma Mendoza case.

James A. Graham & Carlos Treviño have been recognized for their commitment and defense of Mexicans in the US condemned to death, like the Osvaldo Torres case. James is also a consultant for the WorldBank’s Doing Business in Mexico, in regard to commercial and corporate litigation.

One may quote some recent cases:

Current litigation against a State for Denial of Justice (800M MXN)

Current punitive damages action against a multinational Japanese car manufacture company (675M MXN)

Favorable litigation of a shareholders dispute of an US-Mexican company (460M USD)

Favorable litigation of an international sales contract (20M USD)

Favorable defense against a 211 M EUR letter of credit against a Swiss company

Favorable defense against an English Hedge Fund (1,300 M USD)



Expert Witness before federal US Courts on Mexican Private International Law in a class action (360M USD)

Expert Witness before a federal US Court on a parallel NAFTA arbitration (100 M USD).