Business Law

Currently, every company requires the development and implementation of business and legal strategies that allow its consolidation and expansion in the business world. Due to this, we offer the following services:• Advice for the constitution and dissolution of companies or civil associations.
• Advice for the constitution, merger, spin-off, transformation, termination and liquidation of commercial companies.
• Management, updating of company records and articles of incorporation, reforms, proxies and powers at the Public Registry of Commerce.
• Preparation, formalization and review of minutes of assemblies, councils and committees of all types of commercial companies, societies and civil associations.
• Advice, negotiation and preparation of contracts for the purchase and sale of shares, social shares, assets, co-investment contracts and agreements related to changes in share control.
• Analysis, study, preparation, modification and revision of bylaws and internal regulations of all types of commercial companies, partnerships and civil associations.
• Preparation and negotiation of accessory contracts to the purchase and sale of a company.
• Analysis, study, preparation and review of various contracts necessary for the optimal functioning of your company.