3CT Announces the Filing of a Criminal Action against Nissan Motor Co, Ltd.

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Mexico, July 3, 2017 – Notice is hereby given that criminal charges have been pressed June 28, 2017, before the Federal Attorney General (PGR) against Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., by an individual who nearly died in a car explosion. The criminal charges are the result of false testimonies by and on behalf of Nissan Motor Co. before a District Court of Tabasco in a $35 Million Product Liability case.

José Luis Jiménez Peñaloza was in his car, a Nissan Juke 2015, that was parked before a Nissan distributor installation in Villahermosa, Tabasco, when it suddenly took fire without any warning. Mr. Jiménez escaped the car with only seconds to spare before it exploded into a fireball. Following this near-death event, Mr. Jiménez is suing Nissan Motor Co. in the Third District Court of Tabasco for Product Liability, case which is still on trial.

In the mentioned proceeding, Nissan’s lawyer presented false testimony to the court. Among the various falsehoods presented to the court, the lawyer claimed Nissan has never manufactured a defective car.

Subsequently, on June 28, 2017, Mr. Jiménez argued before the Federal District Attorney in Villahermosa, Tabasco, that Mexican Criminal Law allows for criminal charges to be brought against Nissan Motor Co., its CEO Carlos Ghosn, and the lawyer representing them when the lawyer authors such false testimony. Therefore, Mr. Jiménez argued Nissan and Mr. Ghosn should be ordered to appear before the District Attorney for questioning in the criminal investigation.

Nissan is already embroiled in other criminal cases in Japan for a Takata air bag ruptured in a Nissan X-Trail sport utility vehicle that, injured a female passenger in October of 2016, and in South Korea for an emission defeat system on the Qashqai model that was made to appear to less polluting than it really was.

Plaintiff is represented by James A. Graham, partner with 3CT, a Monterrey-based law firm, with an extensive practice in international high stake litigation and arbitration, together with local Counsel Roberto Matus, an experienced trial lawyer. To learn more about 3CT, please visit http://3-ct.com/.



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